Chart week ending: 12-11-2016

  1. KIMBERLEY (Aly Cook) CRS 192
  2. NOTHING LEFT FOR THEM (Allan Caswell) Shoestring Records
  3. JESUS MONEY (The Long and Short Of It) CRS192
  4. WHEN WILL WE LEARN (Don Allen) KLP Records
  5. A LITTLE COLD RIGHT NOW (Natalie Howard) CRS 193
  6. SPREAD A LITTLE LOVE AROUND (Becci Nethery) Advance Music
  7. POOR MAN’S GOLD (Runaway Dixie) Desert Records
  8. BEECHWORTH GOLD (Justin Standley) CRS 193
  9. BAD WEATHER (Doug Bruce) CRS 192
  10. I’VE GOT YOU (Seleen McAlister & Drew McAlister) Checked Label Services
  11. BEST BAD HABIT (Chris ‘Boots’ Lee)CRS 193
  12. A TOUCH OF SNOW (Dianne Lindsay) CRS 193
  13. TWENTY FIVE (Lindsay Waddington) Kross Kut Records
  14. DRY TOWN (Ben Ransom) CRS 192
  15. CROSSES BY THE ROADSIDE (The Shelly Jones Band) WJO
  16. NO WHITE CARD (The Bobkatz) Pacific International Music
  17. LOST THE OLDIES (John O’Day) CRS 191
  18. HERE FOR THE FIGHT (Michelle Walker) Kross Kut Records
  19. DON’T CALL ME A CITY GIRL (Rhiannon Cooke) CRS 193
  20. CROSS YOUR HEART (Emma Jene) LBS Music
  21. BROKEN DOWN IN TINY PIECES (Gary Daniel) CES 191
  22. THAT’LL BE ME (Sharon Heaslip) CRS 193
  23. JUST CAN’T SLEEP (Steve Sparrow) CRS 193
  24. l’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (Hayley Jensen) White Dove Music/Red Rebel Music
  25. THINGS ONLY A FOOL WOULD KNOW (Lonnie Spiker) (USA) Hillcrest 81